Palacio Jauregia (Irurita)


Also named “Jauregizuria” (The White Palace), The Jauregia Palace is one many historic Armoury buildings in Navarre constructed during centuries XIV and XV. In 1437 Pedro Periz appears as Lord of the mentioned palace, belonging to the same family to the present day.

In the XVIII century the whole region suffers a drastic social and economic improvement. Many buildings were constructed and reformed. The Jauregia Palace suffered an extension of a small Baroque Palace thanks to Mr. T. Hualde´s american contribution.

At the end of the XIX century, family patrimony improved thanks to marriage with Mrs. Ramona Lizana, marchioness of Casa Torre. It is worth mentioning the great artistic and documentary belongings, as the First Marquess as Corregidor gathered in the Igea Palace (Rioja region, Spain). The historian Mr. Ramon Maruri Villanueva based this knowledge in his “Repintar los Blasones” (2007) publication.

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